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About our Recycled Handmade Paper

beautiful handmade recycled pastel colored paper spread out on white background.

Wise Glory Goods supplies beautiful, handmade paper, made from recycled paper pulp! If you are interested in learning more about the small business behind the paper, read on.

Who supplies our paper?

Our paper comes from Kathryn, the owner of DragonFly Papery Co, which is a small shop based in the high desert of central Oregon. She started making paper years ago, when she started teaching an art class at her Children’s school. She put a lot of research and practice into her work, which resulted in an excellent class that her students cherished.

Environmental impact

Kathryn uses recycled paper pulp from various local sources, which helps reduce paper waste, and energy resources. Her contribution to reduce waste may seem small at first glance, but it is actually making a big impact, especially by setting a good example to others. If more businesses follow in her footsteps and adopt ways to recycle and reuse, Earth will become a greener, happier place.

Her paper is a collection from many sources with the exception of food wrapping. When her Grandchildren attend a Birthday Party, they pick up the paper and bring it to her. After the holidays, she is flooded with contributions of paper. Her neighbor also keeps her elderly dad busy, by having him shed his old bills and junk mail for her to use.

“My paper finds me. So many people in my area are awesome making sure they get the recycling to me. Grocery bags, greeting cards, wrapping paper, magazines and junk mail just to name a few.”

In addition to helping the environment by reducing paper waste, she also reuses the water that is used in the process of making her paper, by using it to water her botanical and vegetable gardens! Here are some pictures of her flourishing gardens:

What makes this paper unique?

The paper has a thick, pleasing texture, and even smells nice! The pack also comes in a variety of pastel colors, which makes it very versatile.

“Most often, my customers are excited about the color and a variety.”

A special gift for loved ones

Our handmade paper serves as unique gift for friends and family. Maybe you know someone that is getting married — just think of how wonderful this paper would look on the invitations! And just think of how much more special they would be, knowing that the paper was made with love.

handmade recycled colorful paper spread out on white background.Perhaps you know someone who loves scrapbooking. Well, this paper could add so much colorful flare to their book! The rich, tactile quality of the paper adds lots of character to whatever your artistic project may be. You could even write one of your poems on it, and then stick it in a frame, for a thoughtful gift to another.

“Gifting handmade paper is very personal. As a gift, you’re extending my part and yours too.”

There are so many things you could make with this unique paper. Your imagination is the limit!




Wise Glory Goods is proud to be able to support a small, American business, by selling their paper. We would love to see what you make — please tag us in your social media posts, and we may share it on our page with credit to you. Enjoy your crafting adventures!